6 tanker om "Dannelse i og af fællesskaber"

  1. Ich habe nichts gegen diese Entwicklung, würde mich natürlich freuen, wenn es umgekehrt genauso in die andere Richtung gehen würde. Meine damit, dass es schön wäre wenn immer mehr Kinder und Jugendliche in Deutschland Baseball spielen würden. Ist für Hedcrwaahsenne nicht nur als Schulsport bestens geeignet, sondern auch in der Freizeit.

  2. – oh brave beautiful you! i send you much love. carry on — with taking care of you! with allowing others to hold you up when you don’t feel up to the job. with sharing your gorgeous, artistic vulnerability. with being strong and making choices for the greater good even when they are crazy hard. xo

  3. Don’t forget that the federal government was 100% democrat controlled during Obama’s first two years and Obama declared ‘I won, you lost, get over it’.So how about the people of this country slapping him in the face in 2010 with the takeover of the House? What is wrong then with the people saying ‘we are taking the country back, you’re an idiot, get over it”.

  4. This little nugget from the H-T article on gun owners, LTCH, and the "Obama Effect:""This shows a troubling distrust — paranoia? — about the new administration. Our research doesn’t say whether it’s just political or political and racial, but we have our suspicions."provided, in Taminology, a high-pressure test of my cerebral arteries.

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